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Does Every Game have a Winner?

Why can a computer always win in tic-tac-toe? Is it true for games in general?

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Update #2

Hi Currently I am rather busy and don’t have much time for making more posts. Unfortunately I am not sure there will be one this month 🙁 Suggestions for what to cover next will be appreciated!

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5 Holiday Math Puzzles

Happy Holidays! Here are a couple Christmas and Hanukkah puzzles just for you: The 2n-Menorah: In an alternate universe, instead of the flask in the temple lasting for just 8 days, it lasted for 2n days for a positive integer n. Thus, Hanukkah in that universe is celebrated for 2n days, and the menorah has […]

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Quick Update

Hi I started grad school recently so I am not sure when I will have time to work on this blog as I am very busy :/ I will try, however, to at least get a new post out this month, suggestions for topics to cover would be appreciated

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