A Devious Bet 2: Law of Large Numbers

You meet up with a slightly familiar mustached squid “man” He may or may not have bankrupted you infinitely times over in the past, but you’re over it. In fact he has a new deal for you! Every day he will modify your bank balance in one of two ways. With probability 0.6, your balance … Read more

Update #2

Hi Currently I am rather busy and don’t have much time for making more posts. Unfortunately I am not sure there will be one this month 🙁 Suggestions for what to cover next will be appreciated!

5 Holiday Math Puzzles

Happy Holidays! Here are a couple Christmas and Hanukkah puzzles just for you: The 2n-Menorah: In an alternate universe, instead of the flask in the temple lasting for just 8 days, it lasted for 2n days for a positive integer n. Thus, Hanukkah in that universe is celebrated for 2n days, and the menorah has … Read more

Why does this fraction give the Fibonacci sequence? It’s no coincidence

You may have seen one of the following viral math facts: The first fraction seemingly gives the Fibonacci numbers. That is, the sequence of numbers that starts with 1, then 1, then each successive term is the sum of the two prior terms. So the first few Fibonacci numbers are 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,… Which appear on the … Read more

Quick Update

Hi I started grad school recently so I am not sure when I will have time to work on this blog as I am very busy :/ I will try, however, to at least get a new post out this month, suggestions for topics to cover would be appreciated